Potomac Airfield to reopen by Christmas

Pilots based at Potomac Airfield (VKX) in Maryland may have their airport open again by Christmas.

The Transportation Security Administration closed the airport in early November, after federal officials said it was not complying with security measures adopted for all three airports in the Washington, D.C., Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

Potomac Airfield Manager David Wartofsky countered that the airport, which is one of the so-called DC Three, had security measures that exceeded those mandated by TSA, including background checks on all pilots who keep their airplanes at the field.

TSA sent Wartofsky what was described as a “very specific letter” telling him what he had to do to get the airport back into compliance. The changes were implemented. On Nov. 29, Wartofsky submitted an updated security plan to the TSA. The TSA had seven days to return to the airport for inspection.

As of Dec. 6, “the TSA has come and gone and now they have to make a report,” Wartofsky said. “I would guess we would have the airport open again in under two weeks.”

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