Adam makes first delivery

Also making a first delivery in late 2005 was Adam Aircraft, which delivered its first A500 centerline piston-engine twin aircraft to a customer during the NBAA convention.

“Adam Aircraft has moved from a developmental startup company that makes experimental aircraft to an FAA-certified manufacturer that is delivering standard airworthiness aircraft,” said Rick Adam, chairman and CEO.

The delivery follows Approved Production Inspection System (APIS) certification by the FAA. This allows Adam to accelerate production of the A500 by inspecting its own aircraft under a system approved by the FAA. APIS is the precursor to a Production Certificate.

Meanwhile, the company also launched its Adam Support Aircraft Program (ASAP), a customer support program that allows customers to lock in direct operating costs, including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, brakes, tires, even light bulbs — everything but fuel. Cost for A500 owners is $250 an hour for three years or 750 hours, while it is $350 an hour for A700 owners.

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