Save money – and the environment

With the price of avgas pushing $5 a gallon in some places, it’s no wonder pilots are looking for a way to save every drop of fuel. It’s painful to toss that sumped sample into a recycle bucket or onto the pavement.

Many budget and environmentally conscious pilots opt to use a Gats Jar fuel tester because it allows them to separate fuel from impurities. The jar collects preflight fuel from the sump points and then, using a specially built filter, traps the water. The fuel is poured back into the tank. The jars sell for about $20-$25.

Another method for saving money in the cockpit is using rechargeable batteries in those power-sucking devices such as timers, GPS and flashlights. In addition to money, you save space in the landfill.

There are even flashlights that don’t require batteries. These battery-free flashlights work using the Faraday Principle of Electromagnetic Energy. You shake the unit for 15 to 30 seconds and the flashlight turns that motion into 10 minutes of light. The battery-free flashlight usually sells for about $25. Check your pilot supply shop for details.

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