Lamar Technologies still leading the way with new starter drive

Lamar Technologies of Marysville, Wash., continues to lead the way with innovation and priority service to its customers around the world.

In March of this year, Lamar Technologies began installing a new starter drive in all its Lycoming starters. The new starter drive is made in the USA and designed to give long life to the starter.

Lamar’s permanent magnet starters for both Lycoming and Continental engines were designed to give maximum torque with minimum battery draw down to extremely low voltages. The net result of this design is when the engine decides it needs more help with the start (cold or hot) and the battery is down, the starter will continue to turn the engine over at the manufacturers’ recommended rpm. Lamar Technologies manufactures both 12- and 24-volt starters in both right and left hand rotation with a two-year, 1,000-hour warranty. The starters are original equipment on Cessnas since 1996 and PMA’d on most Lycoming- and Continental-equipped aircraft around the world.

Lamar products are available world wide.

For more information: 360-651-6666.

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