Park porposal saves Ohio’s Blue Ash Airport

Instead of an airport closure, pilots at Cincinnati-Blue Ash Airport (ISZ) in Ohio could see the approximately 226 acres reconfigured to create recreational facilities.

As this issue was going to press, the Blue Ash City Council was considering the approval and submission of a proposal to the city of Cincinnati to purchase a portion of the Blue Ash Airport property to develop a Central Park-like facility that will provide green space and recreational amenities for residents and businesses.

While plans for the park have not been finalized, concepts for the 130-acre space include a performing arts and conference center, a World War II memorial, four or five restaurants, large areas of green space, several lakes and various trails and pathways. The park also would contain two holes of a reconfigured Blue Ash Golf Course.

Under the proposal there also would be improvements made at the airport. Those details were not available at press time.

If the plan moves ahead, the airport would be reconfigured on 98 acres on the opposite side of the existing runway. The remaining 130-acre, triangle-shaped area formed by the runway and roads to the north and to the west, would become the park. The price tag for the land is $37.5 million, payable over 30 years.

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