Medical Mistake

First and foremost, thanks for your great magazine. I read each issue cover-to-cover with great interest.

While reading Meg Godlewski’s article in the Aug. 18th issue titled “We Listened – Changes in medicals in spotlight as FAA administrator meets Oshkosh crowd,” I noticed an error which I had also noticed in another publication’s article on the same story. The sentence in question reads, “Third class medical certificates for pilots under 40 would go from two years to five years.” I’m confident that I’m not mistaken in understanding that currently, third class under-40 medicals are a three-year (actually, 36 calendar month) renewal period. I hold one myself, as do most of your other readers, I’m sure.

So why has the same error been written into two articles in two separate publications on the same story? Did Blakey herself make this mistake at her forum, and nobody caught on?

Curtis R. Kooiman

Eden Prairie, Minn.

Editor’s note: Blakey made the mistake in her forum and we did not catch it.

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