FAA Efficiency?


To Charles Spence: I’m sure your Capital Comments column (Fair is fair? FAA, airlines continue blitz for user fees, Nov. 17 issue) went to press before the story by AOPA came out in its internet newsletter on Nov. 24. You know the one where it was pointed out that the FAA had almost $5 billion in assets and property that they seem unable to account for under their antiquated bookkeeping system that seems almost nonexistent. Should general aviation give them another billion or so in user fees so they can prop up their inefficiency a little further? I think not. The airlines feel it all should be turned over to them since they have done such an outstanding job of handling their own finances. Are there any of them that are not cutting salaries and jobs, and declaring Chapter 11 in order to keep their heads above water? “We are from the FAA, and we’re here to help you” is the industry joke, but if it costs me and thousands like me an arm and a leg to use their facilities, I’m not laughing.

Fortunately there is a goodly number in the House and Senate that feel as I do, and maybe they can educate the others, as well as our president.

I’m so conservative, I make Rush and Sean look like flaming liberals, but I do know government waste when I see it. Most of what our president does I agree with wholeheartedly, but a few of his ideas are a little off-the-wall, and I don’t hesitate to point them out.


Duncan, Okla.

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