For kids of all ages…New DVD inspires the love of flight

Want to inspire the love of aviation in kids? Let kids tell the story.

That’s just what the producers of a new DVD, “All About Airplanes and Flying Machines for Kids,” did.

Licensed by Boeing, the DVD is narrated by 14-year-old aviation enthusiast Garrett Hultgren. Viewers ride along on Garrett’s first flying lesson, as well as a hot air balloon ride. They also get to see him fly his remote control airplane. Kids also get to meet Buddy, the hang gliding dog, as he soars over the Pacific Ocean cliffs. The DVD also features the legendary Blue Angels and visits the Reno Air Races. The 45-minute film covers everything from blimps to skydiving to commercial jets.

“It’s everything a kid would want to know about airplanes and more,” said Carrie Barrios, a first grade teacher. “I love how you included the technical aspects of flying as well as fun facts. What a great way for kids to learn about flying.”

The DVD costs $14.95.

For more information: 800-892-2822 or It’s also available at

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