Nice article by Meg Godlewski in the Feb. 2 issue titled “What’s your motivation?” I was a 20-year Marine Corps A-4 Skyhawk pilot and I loved every minute of it, including Vietnam. When I retired in 1990, I went looking for a second career. Every time I found a flying opportunity, I saw it as a “job,” just hauling passengers around on the auto pilot. So I went another route — different career field, but it paid well. Now I own a Citabria and fly when I want and how I want. I have told my aviation pals that it’s the most fun flying I’ve had since I was a young officer flying jets for the Marines. Some of them look at me like I’m nuts. What? You wouldn’t want to fly for the airlines? Nope!CHUCK SPRIETSMALtCol (Ret) USMC

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