Jeppesen lightens the load for students

Jeppesen and Diamond Aircraft have joined forces to deliver an online private pilot training course tailored to Diamond airplanes.

Jeppesen’s private pilot kit, which comes packed into a flight bag, has been a best seller for years, according to Kert Thielen, manager, business programs, aviation training. The new online program is designed to enhance those tools. “Our goal is to lighten the student’s load, as well as provide additional tools for students and instructors,” he said.

The online course will provide a comprehensive suite of materials tailored to the Diamond DA-20 and DA-40. “Many schools are using these Diamonds now so it makes sense to take advantage of the technology we have today,” he added.

The course, in development now, is expected to be available in November. It will be similar to a course developed earlier for Cirrus owners. Price has not be determined, but will be comparable to the existing kit.

The course will be scenario based, similar to FITS, and will be designed to work in tandem with flight lessons. Having aircraft-specific training helps students better retain information, according to Thielen. “If you can apply new knowledge immediately, retention is higher,” he said.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Jeppesen,” said Scott McFadzean, project manager at Diamond. “Their e-learning is above and beyond anything we’ve seen. It is a next generation program that will train better and safer pilots.”

In other news, Jeppesen officials announced the release of JeppView 3.5, which provides enhanced situation awareness features, such as a moving map display and real-time weather provided by XM WX Satellite Weather. “Only JeppView allows pilots to overlay real-time weather right on Jeppesen electronic approach and enroute charts,” officials say.

Weather integration is seamless, they add. With a click of a button, pilots can view critical weather data. A monthly subscription to XM WX is required.

Lastly, Jeppesen officials revealed that hours for its retail sales and service center have been extended to seven days a week, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mountain time.

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