For Dave Sclair, that was a great article on John Thun (Bigger than life: The world needs more characters like John Thun, April 20 issue). We are running out of these great people as the ongoing story of aviation moves on.

I would like to tell you of another pioneer in the aviation world here in the Northwest. His name is Marlin Moore. Marlin was born and raised in the Roy, Wash., area. He entered the Navy during World War II. During that time he flew Grumman Wildcats and Hellcats. Returning home after the war, he bought some property and obtained an old dozer and cleared and built the Spanaway Airport. He purchased several surplus military aircraft and started a flight school. One of his students was John Thun. Marlin later was bought out at the Spanaway Airport and within a short period was hired by Northwest Orient Airlines and the FBI. He went the FBI path and retired after more than 20 years.

The story goes on with Marlin in Alaska with the FBI as the lead agent during the building of the Alaska pipeline.

There is much more and it would be a great article for you to write on another pioneer of aviation here in the Northwest.

Marlin lives in Vaughn, Wash. He is 83 years old and in pretty good health. I am his neighbor and good friend.


Vaughn, Wash.

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