Thank you for reporting on the insanity being promulgated by Mr. Macaluso against Cirrus and everyone else he can possibly connect with the tragic accident that claimed Mr. Lidle and Mr. Stanger (Cirrus facing wrongful death lawsuit in Lidle crash, April 6 issue).

I noted with great interest that Teledyne, Hartzell Propeller, S-Tec, Honeywell and Justice Aviation were named in the complaint. If his argument regarding flight rigging as the cause holds true, how do the engine and propeller come into play? Not so much as a causative factor, I think, as a remunerative resource.

I am stunned that such a comprehensively predatory attorney as Mr. Macaluso would fail to also name the estate of Sir Issac Newton (gravity), Shell/Texaco/Chevron/Exxon/BP (100LL), William Le Baron Jenny (inventor of the skyscraper), the estates of the Wright brothers (powered flight) and Murphy (fate).

If his case were so cut and dry I think it would be unnecessary to resort to media releases to bolster the cause. And I find it hard to believe his altruistic objective to “make sure no one else gets hurt.” Such motivation is rarely front-and-center in these instances. No, I believe that profit motive is the invisible hand guiding this particular garbage scow.


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