Piper offers G1000 on PA-32 aircraft: development of jet continues

Garmin’s G1000 is now available as optional equipment on the Saratoga II TC and Piper 6X.

“We are fully focused on providing our customers with the best possible options technology has to offer our industry,” said James Bass, president and CEO. “We have a long and valued relationship with Garmin and have been working behind the scenes to debut the G1000 in our aircraft. Now, with deployment of the G1000 in the Piper Saratoga II TC and Piper 6X, Piper is moving forward in providing our customers with more options.”

The Saratoga II TC and Piper 6X currently feature Avidyne’s FlightMax Entegra Integrated Flight Deck as standard equipment, as do the Seneca V and the Malibu Mirage and Meridian. All other Piper models offer the Avidyne system as optional equipment.

“People have asked us over the years whether we would add the G1000 to our aircraft,” said Bass, “and we have had to remain tight-lipped as we worked on integration. But from the beginning, our commitment has been to provide our customers with choices.”

Meanwhile, the company had a mock-up of its jet at its exhibit at Sun ‘n Fun. Right behind it was a Williams FJ44-3AP engine, which will be used to power the Piperjet.

“We’re looking at wind tunnel testing this summer,” Bass reported, “and a proof-of-concept flight early next year.”

More than 186 orders have been received for the jet, he added.

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