A few days ago as we were taxiing the Xenon back to the hangar an elderly gentleman was following us in his truck and waving madly. As soon as the prop stopped he was at our side. “Wow I just read all about the Xenon in General Aviation News,”  he exclaimed.

He could not believe his luck that right after reading the article (Xenon takes gyroplanes to a new level, May 18 issue) we flew over his head. He was so excited he was talking at high speed and quoting the article almost word for word.

Next morning as we taxied in, the same scene was repeated only this time he had brought the article for us to read. He is in his mid-80s and was a heli pilot for more than 50 years. Now flying as a sport pilot he was thrilled with the thought that he can fly rotors on an LSA.

He plans on taking a demo ride in the next week and is looking toward getting some instruction and possibly a machine.

Thanks for such a great article and especially thanks for grasping the possibilities the Xenon is opening up.



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