In the beginning…

If you can use it in an airplane or to enhance your aviation experience, chances are good that you can find it at Sporty’s Pilot Shop.

Indeed, there are those who say that ordering something from the world-famous pilot supply store is a rite of passage in aviation. Sporty’s got its start when owner and founder Hal Shevers began selling aviation radios out of the trunk of his car. Today Sporty’s is a multi-million dollar catalog company that covers not only aviation but also housewares and “big kid” toys from its facility at Clermont County Airport (I69) near Cincinnati, Ohio.

As a reminder of the company’s humble beginnings, one of those early radios is preserved under glass. Visitors to the facility who are lucky enough to get a tour often pause in front of the radio display case to remove their caps and bow their heads in respectful silence.

On the subject of caps, if you visit Sporty’s, be sure to get a souvenir baseball cap commemorating the event. The store has both “I drove to Sporty’s” and “I flew to Sporty’s” caps, so no matter how you get there you are covered.

If you come by aircraft, make sure the FBO side of the house stamps your logbook.

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