Concerning your article on Lockheed Martin’s debacle on our flight service stations (Frustrations abound on FSS, June 8 issue), I, being from the country and spent a lot of time hunting, had an old saying: “Don’t shoot a running dog” or in city-folk’s language: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

We had an operating system before Lockheed Martin got involved. At least I had few, if any, complaints, and I’ve been at this commercially for more than 50 years. We had courteous, efficient, knowledgeable advisors. Sometimes they gave us less credit for how much common sense we had, but they were only trying to take care of those who had little, and we could usually discern where our experience level fell.

Like most commercial enterprises, Lockheed Martin’s  prime concern is: “What’s in it for me?” Or, in plain language, their bottom line is green.

Check around and see if this is not the consensus in most areas


Duncan, Okla.

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