A (really) Young Eagle

How early is too early to get your kids into aviation?

The Webb family of Appleton, Wis., thought it was about time that the youngest, 9-month-old Cheslee, learn what EAA AirVenture and the Young Eagles program was all about. Note the placement of the “Young Eagle” button on her shirt.

Kirk Webb, the proud papa, admits he’s not sure what baby liked better — the airplanes or trying to steal daddy’s ice cream.

Only on angels’ wings?

You see some of the most interesting T-shirts at fly-ins.
Robert Hull of Decatur, Ill., wore one of the more poignant ones at this summer’s EAA AirVenture. It reads: “If God had intended man to fly, he would have given him more money.”
“I got this shirt 15 years ago here at Oshkosh and I haven’t seen one since,” he said. “I save it for Oshkosh. I only wear it here.”
Who would appreciate that sentiment more than other pilots?

Speaking of T-shirts…

Have you seen the latest one from Lee Bottom Flying Field (641) in Hanover, Ind.? In addition to providing tailwheel training and a great grass field, the Indiana airport sells aviation-themed T-shirts. The newest one carries a message that many pilots hope politicians get — and soon: “User fees suck.”
The shirts, made of heavyweight cotton in sport gray, sell for $15, plus $5 for postage and handling.
For more information: LeeBottom.com.

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