The year of the engine

Having just received the latest copy of GANews, I was excited to see on the cover an article on the new aircraft engine offerings at AirVenture this year (Bright new engine ideas at AirVenture, Aug. 24 issue).

Although each of the engines covered in the story exhibited new technologies, a notable omission was the ULPower 260i engine.

Employing proven technology, this engine enjoys all the advantages of the larger Lycomings and Continentals used in Part 23 aircraft and is the only one available now for the LSA industry.

Although just introduced in the USA, this superbly engineered engine is flying in several aircraft in Europe and two have been sold here.

We fully expect to be a player in the LSA market and a larger version (130 hp) is in development.

ULPower Aero Engines
Zephyrhills, Fla.

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