Swick Clip-T gets new owner

In 1972 Jim and Mike Swift bought a 1946 Taylorcraft BC-12 with an 85-hp engine. The plan was that Mike would use the plane to build his hours to qualify for an airline career.

While recovering the aircraft, the brothers decided to do some modifications to it, including clipping the wings. Other modifications followed, including replacing the cables with push pull rods and upgrading the engine to 180 horsepower. The result was an aerobatic aircraft known as the Swick Clip-T.

In May 2006 George Grissom of Traverse City, Mich., bought the design and created Swick Clip-T LLC. The company plans to market kits for the aircraft, which falls into the Light Sport Aircraft category, according to Grissom.

“You can buy all internal components to speed up a Taylorcraft, or buy a whole kit,” he says. “I have contractors who are making the parts.”

Swick Clip-T LLC will be ready to take orders for kits on Feb. 1.

For more information: 231-645-3501


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