AirCam #1 joins EAA museum collection

The No. 1 AirCam has been accepted into the permanent collection of the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh.

Designed by Phil Lockwood, the AirCam is a twin-engine, light aircraft originally commissioned by The National Geographic Society for aerial photography missions.

In mid-2006 Lockwood regained ownership of the Air-Cam design, which had been held by Leza Aircraft for some years.

In the deal, Lockwood took over not only Air-Cam but also the Drifter series, which was developed by Maxair of Pennsylvania under the guidance of Dennis Franklin. Franklin is now overseeing production of new AirCams and Drifters for Lockwood Aircraft Corp., according to Lockwood.

For more information: 863-655-4242

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