Put a Mustang in your house — or on top of it

Want to own a Mustang — or Spitfire, Corsair or Air Tractor — but just can’t come up with the cash?

Now you can express your love for these classic planes with a 1/5th scale replica that can be used as home décor or a weather vane.

“If the house is big enough, some of our clients prefer mounting these airplanes right inside their homes,” says Rick Stodola, owner of Mustangs Unlimited.

“The Mustang is one of the most popular aircraft ever built,” he continues. “These weather vanes make a bold statement and are authentic replicas built by people who appreciate the airplane.”

The airplanes are individually crafted of fiberglass with a propeller that turns in the wind. Each is painted to the buyer’s specifications in whatever pattern or colors are preferred. Wing span is 7 feet, the fuselage is 6 feet long and each plane weighs 45 pounds.

Prices, which vary depending on the paint and customization required, begin at $1,825. An unpainted version (with decals supplied) is available for $1,450.

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