Regarding Deb McFarland: Very good choice, guys. She sees the magic in flying, where so many have put it away as no more than a means of travel.

I can only assume that there are very few boring times in her family life.

She is the best ambassador for GA I have seen in a long time. I’m an old crop duster who started in 1958 and still doing it.

She is obviously a pretty good stick to fly the Luscombe at all — and landings that preserve the airplane, good show.


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  1. Sue Stutesman says

    I wish to share with the world of general aviation that the author of the above article was killed Easter after when he was flying the RV 6 he had built. STUTESMAN was an aviation legend in the Southwest. A commercial pilot for forty years- crop duster-A&I,A&P,an aircraft builder- stunt pilot, and flight instructor for general aviation, crop dusters, and stunt pilots to be.

    He was a highly respected and gifted electrical engineer, a musician, composer.

    A beloved husband and father,grand father,and great grandfather.

    There is no one like him–no one could replace him

    He has touched the face of God.

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