Aircraft Spruce introduces Mag-It

The Mag-It pick-up tool, developed by Steelmax, is available now at Aircraft Spruce.Aircraft Spruce has added a tool for removing metal chips and debris from machinery and work areas. Manufactured by SteelMax and called the Mag-It magnetic pick-up tool, the wand-like probe quickly and easily picks up steel filings and shavings from drill presses, lathes, and from the surfaces of metal being worked on in aircraft. It is also very useful in removing items like screws that fall into an aircraft fuselage and are difficult to reach.

Once removed, the metal scraps or parts can be dropped from the tool with a slide action lever that demagnetizes the tip of the probe. Available with 10-inch and 15-inch wands, the Mag-Its are available for $24.95 and $39.95.

Mag-It pick-up tools can be ordered online at or by calling 866.4-SPRUCE; overseas call 1.951.372.9555.

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