Audio/video power management system for GA planes debuts

Richard Gray’s Power Company, LLC (RGPC) introduces RGPC ClearSky, a power management system designed for audio/video equipment on private aircraft.

Skytheater of Fort Lauderdale, which specializes in installing A/V systems on aircraft, is the exclusive integrator of RGPC ClearSky.

Custom integrators are installing high-performance A/V systems onboard aircraft for their clients’ work and entertainment purposes. However, the performance of these systems commonly suffers because an aircraft’s power supply is not designed to feed sensitive and demanding A/V equipment, according to company officials, who note RGPC ClearSky addresses and eliminates this typical performance issue.

Its six Hubbell outlets provide comprehensive surge protection, remove “noise” from the system that can negatively impact audio and video, and deliver a constant supply of on-demand power to ensure uncompromised performance of all connected gear, officials said.

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