NavMonster expands to celebrates first anniversary

Celebrating its one-year anniversary since going live last November, recently unveiled a new look and added some customer requested features to its flight planning web site.

Additional features include:

  • FDC and local/distant route NOTAMS,
  • ETE at various altitudes to account for winds aloft,
  • Support for the new 24-hour TAF format, and
  • 6, 12, and 24-hour forecast periods for winds aloft.

NavMonster is a free service for the general aviation community designed to fill a gap in the Internet’s offerings of pre-flight websites. By pulling together all of the most commonly used information,

NavMonster relieves the pilot of having to visit multiple sites to get information on weather, fuel prices, FBOs, filing flight plans, and more, say company officials.

NavMonster offers maps, charts, decoded weather, FBO information, fuel prices, winds aloft, flight plan filing, and more.
NavMonster works with all modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox 2+ and Safari.

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  1. davydog says

    7-15-09, Re: Navmonster pretty useless without fuel usage, no nav function, no way to enter ac info. I wouldn’t ever call this a flight planner.

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