Wig-wag lights standard on Sting S3

Wig-wag recognition lights are now standard equipment on the Sting S3 Light Sport Aircraft.

The wig-wag system, controlled by a switch on the instrument panel, alternately flashes the landing and taxi lights in the airplane’s wingtips, according to officials at SportairUSA, the North Little Rock-based company that distributes the LSA in the U.S.

“Increasing the visibility of an airplane can significantly improve safety, especially in high traffic areas around busy airports,” says Bill Canino, president.

Current owners of the Sting S3 can retrofit their airplanes with a kit available from the company. All S3s and late model StingSports were originally equipped with an extra switch and circuit breaker in
anticipation of the availability of the wig-wag kit, officials said.

For more information: 888-FLY-SLSA (888-359-7572), SportAir.aero or Sting.aero.

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