STC for Cirrus EVS awarded

Forward Vision has been awarded an STC for installation of its EVS-100 infrared sensor on Cirrus SR20s and SR22s.

Forward Vision is working with One Sky Aviation on the Enhanced Vision System for Cirrus aircraft already flying. In new models, the EVS is part of the new Perspective glass cockpit.

“With this STC, we will cooperatively be able to provide an affordable (and STC certified) EVS system to the general aviation community that will bring an enhanced level of situational awareness and ultimately flightsafety to the cockpit of Cirrus aftermarket aircraft,” said Patrick Farrell of Forward Vision.

The Forward Vision EVS-100, powered by Max-Viz, is a lower cost, non-cryogenically cooled EVS for the OEM and retrofit markets. The sensor offers Long-Wave Infrared ( LWIR) sensing and is sunlight safe. The lightweight self-contained system is ready to mount and can be operated night or day.

The Cirrus STC program is the first in a series of general aviation airframes that is under development for FAA approval, according to Forward Vision officials.

Price of the kit is $17,500.

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