First Sierra Super II delivered to new owners

The first delivery of a Sierra Industries‘ Super II took place late last year.

The Sierra Super II modification upgrades the Citation II’s performance by re-powering the aircraft with Williams International’s FADEC-controlled 2,820-lb. thrust FJ44-3A engines.

Sierra Industries has received FAA certification to install the Williams engines on six different models of certificated aircraft, according to officials, who note the company has numerous FJ44-powered aircraft in current production at its facilities in Uvalde, Texas, with an order book stretching well into 2009.

The Super II provides an across-the-board performance enhancement for the Citation II – boosting fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions by as much as 27%, cutting time-to-climb to under 25 minutes to FL430, extending range to nearly 1,800 nm, and increasing maximum fuel payload, according to company officials.

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  1. Tom Francis says:

    Nice Picture of a Citation 1. Where is the Super 2, C550?
    What happened to the S2 Program?

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