NATA partner helps optimize flight planning

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has struck a partnership with Scheduling Sidecar Inc. (SSC), a new fuel research and optimization program that complements flight planning software.

The program works alongside an operator’s existing trip scheduling program to provide flight planners additional data to plan trips cost effectively.

Data includes contract fuel availability and the operator’s specific negotiated contract fuel pricing. SSC automatically provides cost saving fueling options at alternate airports near flight destinations, allowing trip schedulers to plan a trip efficiently, according to NATA officials. SSC also provides information regarding participating FBOs, including their pricing, amenities and participation in programs such as NATA’s Safety 1st training.

Scheduling Sidecar enables operators to: Order from anywhere with Internet access, even the cockpit; search and sort though contract fuel prices available at preferred destinations; control and upload data, ensuring information is up to date; find other airports in the area with cost effective fuel options; order fuel for an entire trip with one click, even at multiple airports; Map and find cost effective fuel stops on long legs; and track fuel purchases and produce reports showing how much was saved.

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