Boy Scouts Camporee at Fantasy of Flight

Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida, will host the first annual aviation Camporee for hundreds of Boy Scouts March 13-15.

The weekend presents an opportunity for Scouts to earn their aviation merit badges amidst one of the world’s largest private aircraft collections, including 40 rare and vintage models, many of which have been restored to flying condition.

Throughout the weekend, the boys will practice their camping skills while participating in a variety of educational and aviation-themed activities. The Scouts will tour Fantasy of Flight and visit working aircraft maintenance and restoration areas, but also have the chance to talk with mechanics, restoration specialists, and pilots by participating in a variety of special merit badge stations. They also will experience a number of simulators such as piloting a hot air balloon, flying a hang-glider or taking the controls in the cockpit of a Corsair fighter.

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