HydroSwing puts LiD on door market

HydroSwing Doors, which manufactures hydraulic doors for aviation uses, has introduced The LiD (Light Industrial Door).hydroswing

“The Hydroswing hydraulic door system is continually evolving,” said Marshal Parker, Hydroswing owner and president. “My own entry into this market was spurred on by my need for efficiency in large door design for my own personal hangar use. The Hydroswing LiD we have just launched was inspired by the high wind failure of a roller door on the side of that very same hangar. I decided it was time to solve the problem of low integrity, low strength and low efficiency in the sub 20′ door market once and for all.”

The doors are available in sizes up to 20 feet x 16 feet.

For more information: 866-604-9376 or HydroSwing.com.

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