Economic Stimulus?

President Obama’s recent trip to Chicago cost American taxpayers millions, but locally, the Temporary Flight Restrictions for Chicago’s airspace were responsible for a loss of business to the aviation community.

It’s ironic that a president who talks about economic stimulus should cause a great need for economic stimulus for a local industry. According to the president, this trip is only the start of many.



  1. Terri Sipantzi says

    You guys have been falling all over yourselves to praise Obama. You endorsed his “stimulus” because he threw aviation a few bread crumbs while ignoring the bigger picture — the fact that he has mortgaged America’s future — do you really think that is good for GA?

    Glad to see someone finally stopped drinking the kool-aid.

  2. Kevin Hawley says

    Give me a break. It would be nice if we could quit complaining about about how much the flights cost taxpayers and all associated whining. Let the man do his job, and let him use the aviation tool provided for his travel.

    Don’t forget. It was George W’s administration that gave us the TSA, TFR’s and all of the remaining acronyms that allegedly make the nation safer. Now there is a subject that really costs the taxpayers millions and harms business.

  3. F DeWitt Beckett says

    The newly “appointed” president has no care for anyone but himself. The stimulus is only for his ego. Take a look at the democratic pay-back bill and what it really is. Nope, ego reigns supreme and the US Taxpayer is last on the list. Change – yep, but the change is not nice.

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