ASTM guide in works for LSA manufacturers

ASTM International Committee F37 on Light Sport Aircraft is at work on a guide to help LSA manufacturers.

ASTM WK22124, Guide for Compliance with Light Sport Airplane Standards, is designed to aid the industry in understanding how to use LSA standards to meet regulatory requirements, according to the FAA‘s Thomas Gunnarson.

Current FAA regulations require a manufacturer’s declaration of compliance to industry consensus standards, which puts responsibility on manufacturers to adhere to the system without traditional FAA oversight found in manufacturing of Type Certified aircraft. WK22124 will provide manufacturers with the means for understanding how standardization is involved in LSA manufacturing and will help define what is behind the Statement of Compliance.

“The proposed guide will be a sort of cookbook providing direction and reference so that an interested party could clearly see the steps involved with LSA compliance and be made fully aware of the responsibilities the manufacturer and personnel assume when they become involved in the process,” says Gunnarson.

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