First flight for flying car

resized_189x126_first_flight_chase_plane-thumbThe Terrafugia Transition Roadable Aircraft Proof of Concept successfully completed its first flight at New York’s Plattsburgh International Airport March 5.

The first flight was conducted within the runway environment and demonstrated the aircraft’s stability and controllability, according to company officials. After 37 seconds, the test pilot executed a smooth landing and taxied safely to a full stop.

The flight comes after six months of drive testing and taxi testing.

Following a full vehicle inspection, flight testing continued with six additional flights, proving out the vehicle’s aerodynamics and smooth handling characteristics.

“This flight is a symbol of a new freedom in aviation. It’s what enthusiasts have been striving for since 1918,” says CarlDietrich, CEO of Terrafugia.

The Transition was flown by Phil Meteer, Colonel, USAFR (Ret). The chase aircraft was piloted by Giora Guth.

“The first flight was remarkably unremarkable,” Meteer says. “I’ve flown several thousand hours in everything from Piper Cubs to F-16s and the Transition flew like a really nice airplane.”

Terrafugia officials said they will begin the process of adapting the lessons learned from this vehicle to the design of the next prototype.

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