Team Tango unveils Sun ‘n Fun pricing

tangoTeam Tango, which manufactures the Tango and the Foxtrot high-performance amateur built aircraft, has unveiled reduced prices in time for Sun ‘n Fun.

Designed to get new builders airborne as quickly and economically as possible, the two-place, 212 mph, 1,400 mile range Tango quick build is reduced from $29,750 to $24,750, while the four-place, 230 mph, 1,800 mile range Foxtrot quick build is reduced from $45,995 to $40,750.

foxtrotSun ‘n Fun pricing began Monday, March 30, and will continue for 90 days. Any Tango or Foxtrot contract for order position during that period qualifies.

Sun ‘n Fun attendance is not required to qualify for this offer.

For more information: 352-528-0982 or


  1. Rusty Atkins says


    Have you read the brochure on that “two week to taxi” program? I’m in a similar situation as you… no time, but also not a ton of money (don’t know if the $ is a problem for you). This is the first I heard of that program so I looked into it.
    You will spend a minimum of $163,000 for that plane in that program, and it wouldn’t be difficult to option it out to nearly $200,000. If you’ve got that kind of money, you have a LOT of choices, kitbuilt, as well as new and used manufactured planes. Here’s a link to the brochure:

  2. Ed Shultz says

    Hello, the biggest problem I have is the location, so far from home, and the build time which is not feasible for me at this time. Although not interested in the Glasair Sportsman, they have a “two week to taxi” program. Do you think you will ever offer something like this? How about a “four week to taxi” program?-Ed

  3. David Parnell says


    I hear what your saying about not wanting to build. However, it has been one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. The TeamTango guys are great and the build center is outstanding. I know that there is one partially complete kit and one airworthy kit for sale, but needs some work. If you can get down there or have Denny find you for a dollar ride, you will be sold. Absolutely the best flying homebuilt I’ve ever flown……and I flew a bunch of them before I make my decision…

    N308SH (just awarded airworthiness certificate)

  4. mike redd says

    I like your planes but I am not interested in building one. Will you sell one already built and how much more does that cost?

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