Do You Operate Any Aircraft For Business?

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    I am a Canadian based aircraft parts manufacturer and repair facility. I own and operate Niagara Air Parts, Inc. based in Niagara Falls, New York at the military / public airport. For 15 years, ending after 9/11, I flew my own freight into and out of KIAG, to support my companies service claim of “Call today – fly tomorrow”. Instead of a 9 hour drive, including customs, I was able to accomplish my task, requiring only 3 hours out of my day (36 minutes to wheels down each way). Current requirements (soon to be increased) made it impossible to fly into / out of KIAG (bond requirements by US Customs equal to Southwest airlines).

    The proposed additional border crossing requirements effective May 18, 2009 have prompted me to remove my aircraft from the USA altogether, never to return.Everyone loses!

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