New Kindle DX to display approach plates?

Kindle - Approach Plate

I spotted an interesting slide from TechCrunch’s LiveBlog of the new Amazon Kindle DX introduction. That doesn’t look like a book in the above shot. There is no mention of the Kindle DX being used for anything beyond reading in the author’s notes, but a quick trip to the Amazon website found the following mention in a 5-minute video.

Amazon Kindle DX


  1. moving map would make it a 10″ gps…? for under $500…. ummm yeah

  2. it would be cool if it had a moving map

  3. Here’s an image of the new Kindle DX kneeboard:

  4. Hi, Eric. Yeah, that would be a nice comparison. If I don’t get around to it quickly, note that the chart on the DX screen and a printed NACO plate are almost exactly the same size. If you signup at, in addition to plates and A/FDs, you can download free copies of the Airplane Flying Handbook and the Instrument Flying Handbook.

  5. Russell – Could you also post a picture showing the two Kindles next to a NACO printed standard approach plate for size comparison?


  6. If you’d like to see a picture that shows the comparative sizes of approach plates on the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX, try this link:

    The DX screen is almost the exact size of the plates and they display razor sharp.

  7. Not to worry. Full support of aviation charts is on its way from Gold Seal Ventures, LLC. We already have operational support for the Kindle 2 and are working on a prototype application for the Kindle DX that will include not only approach charts, but weather charts, sectionals, AF/D information, and “trip packs” that automatically download route information to the Kindle via Whispernet.

    Gold Seal is also the publisher and operator of

  8. frank furbish says:

    I saw that also. I am hoping there will be a jeppessen dpwnload feature for us commercial pilots so we can replace our 35 lb flight kits with a six ounce Kindle!

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