GA News and ExperCraft join forces

General Aviation News and ExperCraft Simple Log have joined forces to offer a unique assistance and opportunity to the homebuilt aircraft marketplace.

ExperCraft Simple Log is a powerful, yet easy-to-use system, allowing builders of experimental/homebuilt aircraft to store and share their project log information on line.

ExperCraft will become a source of features about builders and their aircraft for General Aviation News as builders mark milestones on their personal ExperCraft builder logs.

“When looking for a partner, General Aviation News was the only magazine I felt covered the grassroots aviation segment in an appealing and complementary way to ExperCraft,” says ExperCraft owner Rob Riggen. “After all, what is more grassroots than someone building their own airplane. That’s where Orville and Wilbur started from a little more than 100 years ago.”

Currently ExperCraft builders have logged more than 119,000 hours on 130+ different types of aircraft and posted more than 36,000 aircraft construction images. ExperCraft users are located in all 50 states and 61 other countries. The Simple Log also satisfies the FAA’s requirement for a project log, but also can function as a project website to show the world (or just friends and family) the aircraft a builder is painstakingly constructing.

“ExperCraft is an example of what is right about aviation in general, and the homebuilt arena specifically,” notes General Aviation News Publisher Ben Sclair. “I have yet to meet an owner/builder that isn’t proud of their aircraft, and I look forward to the stories that our readers will enjoy reading and inspire them.”

Anyone can browse the builder logs at ExperCraft, just go to To start your own builder log, registration is free at the same web address.

To date, builders have logged nearly $5 million in parts and kit purchases into ExperCraft.

General Aviation News will promote ExperCraft and be responsible for selling its advertising inventory to vendors in the homebuilt marketplace. If you are a vendor and want to reach this active marketplace, contact Larry Price ( or Mickey Price ( (888-735-9379) or Ben Sclair (, 800-426-8538) at General Aviation News. Download a media kit here.

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