Flight training hits Internet radio

The Finer Points of Flying is now collaborating with Flight Line Internet Radio.

Episodes from The Finer Points of Flying’s audio programming can now be heard four times a day on Flight Line Internet Radio, at 0510, 1110, 1710 and 2310 Zulu/GMT, and include The Finer Point’s Safety Sessions, industry interviews, instructional lectures and TFP Music.

For those rusty on Zulu time conversions, there is a clock at FlightLineInternetRadio.com. Just below and to the left-hand side of the screen, viewers will find scrolling information on program schedules.

Flight Line Internet Radio, which caters to aviation enthusiasts, is a 24/7 radio station that follows a general format of a traditional local radio station, mixing topical segments with music and tips for better and safer flying.

For more information: TheFinerPoints.net or FlightLineInternetRadio.com.

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