US AERO becomes Aviat rep

Aviat Aircraft has signed on US AERO as a factory representative for the Husky A-1C. US AERO will be responsible for Husky sales and service in Southern California, Southern Nevada and Colorado.

husky-usaeroUS AERO, which is based at Centennial Airport in Denver, has been involved in aircraft sales for 10 years. It has a second office at Long Beach Airport in California. Until now, US AERO has focused on sales of new Diamond, Waco and Mooney aircraft. “The Husky is a perfect fit with our existing line of new airplanes,” said Errol Bader, president.

The Husky A-1C is a two-place, high-wing, tube and fabric aircraft that can be ordered with a 160, 180 or 200 hp engine. It can be fitted with regular or tundra tires, straight or amphibious floats and straight or retractable skis. Aviat Aircraft manufactures the Husky, Pitts Special Biplane and kits for the Eagle Aerobatic Biplane.

For more information: 877-359-2376, or

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