Aircraft Spruce offers avionics shopping tools online

Aircraft now offers online tools to simplify the avionics ordering process, including the Avionics Panel Builder, Headset Buyer’s Guide, Avionics Buyer’s Guide, shopping lists features, and more.

aircraftspruceThe Panel Builder allows you to plan your panel without having to search all over the Internet. Using drop down menus, you can easily search our large inventory of avionics and instruments by category. This tool displays every piece of equipment you will need for your panel, enabling you to get quotes quickly and simplify the ordering process. Your data can be saved in a shopping list format so you can build your panel at your own convenience. The Panel Builder can be used for both certified and experimental aircraft.

The Headset Buyer’s Guide allows you to compare headsets by pricing and features such as ANR capability, weight, and ear-cup style, while the Avionics Buyer’s Guide allows you to compare avionics by pricing and features.

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