Bakersfield Jet Center opens

Now open at Meadows Field Airport (BFL) in Bakersfield, Calif., is Bakersfield Jet Center by Loyd’s Aviation.

bakersfieldThe FBO, formerly called Loyd’s Aviation, is in a new location at the airport, with expanded operations. A remodeled ramp accommodates more and larger aircraft, creating 3.5 acres of parking space.

Loyd’s Aviation began the renovation of the 5,000-square-foot facility in November 2008, intending to move to its new location and take on its new name in 2009. In only four months, work was completed and Bakersfield Jet Center was opened for business.

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  1. Kelly Loyd says

    Mr Haus:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding our FBO. I manage the operations at our facility, and am responding to your comment regarding the motor homes because it highlights the initiative and innovation that our business was founded on. Byron Loyd, my grandfather, decided to fill his empty shade-ports with motor homes when aviation floundered during the 1980s recession. Thanks to his innovation he drove enough sales revenue to build a separate motor home storage facility outside of the airport area. We now house over 100 recreational vehicles, and our facility offers the best services and safety in town. When the RVs moved off-site in the 90’s, the aviation business began to pick up and the shade-ports were filled with airplanes. I take a moment to highlight this history because this was the type of innovation that has allowed to make our latest move into our new state-of-the-art facility. We look forward to serving you during your next visit, and hope you enjoy the use of the amenities at Bakersfield’s newest Jet Center.


  2. K.Haus says

    Guess they finally got rid of all the travel trailers and motor homes that were cluttering up the place and decided to get into the “airplane” business.

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