Scorpion, all-in-one maintenance vehicle, debuts

Air Technical Industries has unveiled the Scorpion Aircraft Tug, a tug that includes a built-in crane lift and auxiliary power unit (APU). The Scorpion enables FBO mechanics to move and precisely position aircraft weighing up to 15,000 pounds.

tug2Traditionally, FBO mechanics require multiple pieces of equipment for servicing small planes: an APU to start the craft, a tug tractor to move it, a crane to remove the engine for service and to load and unload cargo, and a tow vehicle with a winch to retrieve stranded aircraft. By combining this into one unit, the Scorpion Aircraft Tug offers cost savings. Because it is battery-operated, it also eliminates fuel costs and exhaust. An overnight charge is sufficient for typical daily operations.

The Scorpion Aircraft Tug is smaller and more maneuverable than a traditional tug, enabling the operator to walk behind or stand on its battery-powered frame, according to company officials. Its hydraulic lifting arms physically raise the front wheel of the aircraft off the ground, enabling precise positioning.

The Scorpion’s built-in crane folds out of its base and offers a 7-foot telescopic boom with a lift-arm capacity of up to 1,000 pounds. It was designed for loading cargo and safely moving aircraft engines.

The Scorpion offers a built-in auxiliary power unit (APU) with powerful batteries that kick-start most general aviation aircraft in the coldest weather. For additional safety, the Scorpion offers an amber running light, headlights for nighttime operations, and an on-board fire extinguisher.

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