STOL CH 750 now available as S-LSA

AMD recently unveiled the STOL CH 750 LS, the factory-built Special-Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) version of the STOL CH 750 design from aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz.

zenithThe rugged all-metal light sport utility plane is powered by Teledyne-Continental Motors’ (TCM) new O-200-D lightweight engine, which boasts a dry weight of less than 200 lbs. while still providing a true 100 hp. Equipped with a tricycle gear (with steerable nosewheel), the aircraft boasts a takeoff roll of 100 feet, and cruises at 100 mph.

Based on the original STOL CH 701, first introduced in 1986, and the four-seat utility STOL CH 801, the STOL CH 750 was developed specifically for the LSA category. The cabin was lengthened and widened, and the clear doors “bowed out” substantially for maximum width and great visibility. The swing-up doors also make it easy to access the cabin and the large rear baggage area, according to company officials. The wrap-around windshield, four rear windows, plus an overhead sunroof, provide outstanding visibility, officials add.

The kit version of the STOL CH 750 was introduced last year by Zenith Aircraft Co. The kit makes extensive use of CNC-manufacturing technology and features pilot hole match-drilled parts throughout. Prices for the kit version start at about $15,000. (airframe kit). This airplane can also be scratch-built from blueprints only (cost is $495), and individual parts and component kits are also available directly from the manufacturer. The factory built S-LSA comes nicely equipped for about $100,000, powered by the Continental engine. Available factory-installed options include Garmin avionics, SRS airbag seatbelts, BRS system, and more.

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