Experimental ‘type ratings’ issued to Viper pilots

Viper Aircraft Corp. pilot Alain Garcia and professional test pilot Len Fox of L.A. Fox Unlimited have received their Authorized Experimental Aircraft certificates in the Viperjet aircraft.

“To my knowledge, Viper Aircraft is the first experimental aviation company in its class to receive an Authorized Experimental Aircraft certificate,” said Scott Hanchette, president. “It is, in essence, an Experimental aircraft version of a Type Rating. The holder of this endorsement on their airman’s certificate will no longer need to receive a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the FAA.

“This is really an asset to our company and clients,” he continued. “After completing the recommended training syllabus and fulfilling the certificate requirements, our clients will be able to add this designation to their license.”

The Authorized Experimental Aircraft certificate is part of the FAA Vintage and Experimental Program established to standardize pilot qualifications, training and certification in experimental aircraft. Pilots must pass a comprehensive review and flight evaluation by an
FAA Designated Experimental Aircraft examiner.

For more information: 509-543-3570 or www.viper-aircraft.com.

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