ECi introduces Titan EXP

ECi recently introduced a new cylinder head to the market, the Titan EXP Angle Valve cylinder for 360, 480 and 540 series engines with downdraft exhaust systems.

eciECi is providing the experimental market with a cylinder that features a venturi intake seat for better breathing and a choice of 14mm or 18mm spark plug bosses, company officials said. The cylinder is available in wide deck or narrow deck barrel patterns, as well as long reach or short reach spark plug bosses.

The new cylinder shares common features with its certified cousins, including high chrome content exhaust guides with Tru-Bore finish, enhanced port wall thickness and a calibrated intake port. The exclusive Nickel+Carbide bore coating for corrosion and wear resistance is a standard feature and Titan cylinders have an enhanced head/barrel joint for maximum durability.

For more information: 800-ECi-2FLY (800-324-2359), 210-820-8101 or

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