OSH: Furio RG debuts


OSHKOSH — New Zealand-based FalComposite is showing off their Furio RG at this years AirVenture. The two-seat homebuilt boasts a 175-kt cruise speed behind an IO-390. Here at the show they are offering the kit at $102,352, regularly $107,739.67.


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    To Ben Sclair;
    The FalComposite looks to be on the cutting edge of composite engineering in aviation. The Team Tango dry lay-up fiberglass/Kevlar resin transfer process proves composites are the best material for the next generation of light aircraft. Every pound you save in the airframe can go into HP. They are at booth # 628 along with the new gator composite floats. It seems these floats are garnering more than four times the attention by GA pilots than the Tango aircraft.
    Gary D. Tanous

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