NAFI Master Instructor Program puts more emphasis on ‘active instruction’

The National Association of Flight Instructors’ Master Instructor program has been “enhanced” after a year-long review, according to officials at the Oshkosh-based organization.

The FAA also has continued its recognition of the program, allowing NAFI Master Instructors to renew their certificates through the NAFI Master Flight Instructor program.

“NAFI members, NAFI Master Instructors and the FAA made a number of recommendations over the past year to improve and enhance the NAFI Master Instructor program,” said Jason Blair, NAFI executive director.

The review was driven by flight instructors who considered the NAFI Master Flight Instructor accreditation but wanted more focus on instructional activity, NAFI officials said. The revised program puts particular emphasis on active instruction.

Among the changes made to the Master Flight Instructor accreditation program are requirements for instructors to be actively involved in the instructional process leading to certification, flight reviews, currency training, insurance checks, part 121, part 135 and part 142 training and similar activities. It may include in-airplane, simulator or classroom instruction that directly leads to pilot endorsements, sign-offs or other official record of instruction. Instructors accredited as NAFI Master Flight Instructors “will have demonstrated significant, recent experience as an active instructor working with students,” NAFI officials note.

NAFI’s Master Flight Instructor accreditation requires an instructor to have given a minimum of 1,000 hours of instruction. He or she also must meet a list of requirements every two years to obtain and maintain the accreditation. This accreditation cycle aligns with the FAA’s period of time for renewal of a CFI certificate.

All current NAFI Master Flight Instructors will maintain their designations through their expiration date and may then apply under the new program at the time of renewal. For NAFI Master Flight Instructors who are currently under review for renewal, no new applications will need to be made.

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