‘Water Bomber’ ready to fight fires

Amidst wildfires raging out of control this summer on two continents, Ohio inventor Steve Green has devised the 101 “Water Bomber.”

Working in conjunction with Wisconsin-based American Champion Aircraft (ACA) Corp., Green’s vision involves retrofitting the ACA Scout to deliver enough water and retardant to cover an entire football field in one drop.

“Whether you’re living in California or Greece, wildfires are dominating news headlines and leaving only devastation behind for people living in the path of the flames. Every year, wildfires displace thousands of people and destroy hundreds of homes,” said Green. “Design plans for the ‘Water Bomber’ began over a decade ago, and the project is now complete. It can’t arrive quickly enough for homeowners looking for help when firefighters and aircrews are already fully committed to the frontlines.”

Hopefully soon to be certified by the FAA, the “Water Bomber” is capable of low, slow flight to deliver water on target. Without FAA approval, “Water Bomber” flights are restricted to a 100-mile radius around ACA’s Wisconsin headquarters. Currently, ACA is capable of manufacturing 10 “Water Bombers.” Prices range from $200,000 – $225,000.

Green said that he and ACA have invested almost $1 million on this project to date.

For more information: 330-605-2487, greenseq@aol.com or AmerChampionAircraft.com

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