Who should pay?


I recently completed my Experimental amateur homebuilt aircraft and was ready to have the Certification Inspection completed. I contacted my local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) and requested to have one of the maintenance inspectors perform the inspection. The manager denied the request.

I requested a written explanation for the denial, which reflected on staffing and workload issues, and noted that all aircraft certification services were being directed to persons outside the FAA. In other words, I had to hire a Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) to perform the certification inspection.

I contacted several other FSDOs in the Northwest to survey their policies. Several responded they can perform certification inspections, but it would depend on workload. They did not have a total denial policy and defer individuals directly to a DAR.

In my opinion a certification inspection should be carried out by the FAA. I understand the economic issues affecting the FAA, however I am opposed to the policy of total denial. The FAA should work with the individual requesting a service and attempt to schedule a visit under mutual agreement. This seems like a reasonable request from a tax-paying citizen of this country.

In the past we would visit our local General Aviation District Office (GADO) to request a written test, a flight exam, a practical test, and a certification inspection. Now we must pay a designee (for all this).

A tax-paying citizen should be given equal consideration when complying with FAA-required regulations, and not have to pay for the services required by the regulations set forth by the FAA.


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